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Jesus the Wicked Priest. Two Messiahs and the Birth of Christianity out of Qumran

Christianity arose out of a schism between the exclusivist, rigid, and militant views of the Essenes and the inclusivist, tolerant, and nonviolent views of Jesus. Jesus was raised an Essene, but he refused to follow their orthodoxy. Vining shows that the Dead Sea Scrolls are written in a secret coded language called pesher in which Jesus emerges as the Lying Priest, the antagonist to the Teacher of Righteousness who was the leader of the Essenes. This book revitalizes the Gospel message by revealing Jesus’s true role as a tireless social reformer and revolutionary teacher. This study reopens Christian doctrinal questions supposedly long settled, such as reincarnation and the Virgin birth--even demonstrating that these two issues are related. He discloses that the angel Gabriel was incarnate in a living human being and transmitted the seed of a holy bloodline to the Virgin Mary.

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